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Modern Classics by Vintage Motorspresent the Lotus 7 inspired kit car


🇿🇦R99 000.00

🇬🇧£ 4 200

🇦🇺AUD 8 100

🇸🇬S$ 7 100


The Lotus Seven is a small, simple, lightweight, two-seater, open-top, open-wheel sports car produced by the British manufacturer Lotus Cars (initially called Lotus Engineering) between 1957 and 1972. It was designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman and has been considered the embodiment of the Lotus philosophy of performance through low weight and simplicity. The original model was highly successful, with more than 2,500 cars sold due to its attraction as a road legal car that could be used for clubman racing.


After the success of the first model that Lotus made, a big interest grew in the design of the car, which led to the rise of kit cars using the exact same design. This car is the result of that interest. Its chassis and frame were built by Sport Car Developments. It has a 1600 Mazda engine with a displacement of 1660cc and 5-speed manual gearbox. A high lift camshaft was fitted to the engine when it was redone recently, and an Alpha limited slip differential. Its shocks are fully adjustable motorbike shocks; the front has double A-frame suspension.


This car is the definition of performance in every way, shape and form. Bring out the racing driver in you with this Lotus Seven inspired kit car.


She is located in the Sunny Pretoria Gezina.

She can be delivered anywhere in South Africa, or shipped out world wide.


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2004 Lotus 7 Tribute

R99 000,00Price
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