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Hey, Unfortunately, I have been sold, if you are looking for a classic car or want to sell one please contact Stef at +27 82 499 3433 




This fully restored and well kept piece of 1950’s history has been upgraded from a 800cc to a later model 1000cc, 3 cylinder, 2 stroke motor,

She runs beautifully. With her 4 speed column shift box. 

All her guages and lights working, side vents open and close with ease. Modernized flicker indicators installed, also still has the original semaphore trafficators, with complete solanoids and components that would need attention 


The 2nd and 3rd row seats unclip, leaving you with a floor space of 1.55m x 2.2m @ 1.6m in height. And a bit more if you unclip the front passenger seat. With wide doors and a larger 3rd door allowing easy access in and out. A ride height making it easy to go over and around humps, and making loading and stepping in easier. 


Would make a great mobile business or branding vehicle with the big side panels, always bringing smiles and attention as you drive. 

Personally I would enjoy her as a camper with the ample space that it allows. 

Body is clean without any rust, or dents, no scratches. 


Was first owned by a Mr Nell who owned one of the largest DKW dealerships at the time, giving you peace of mind of its well kept history. And you will be the 3rd owner. 

Vehicle located in Pretoria. 


1954 DKW Schnellaster (DKW F89 L)

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