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Hey, Unfortunately, I have been sold, if you are looking for a classic car or want to sell one please contact Stef at +27 82 499 3433


Vintage Motors Presents a 1975 Chrysler Safari.


R 115 000 🇿🇦

£ 4900 🇬🇧

€ 5700 🇪🇺

SD 8200 🇸🇬

AuD 9300 🇦🇺

USD 6100 🇺🇸


Up for sale! The 1975 Valiant by Chrysler “Safari”

Embrace the allure of the 1975 Chrysler Safari Regal, a true vintage masterpiece that effortlessly marries style and substance.


Cloaked in a captivating green hue complemented by a tastefully contrasting brown interior, this iconic beauty stands as a testament to timeless automotive design.


With its original slant 6 cylinder engine seamlessly paired with an automatic column shift gearbox, this classic gem delivers a driving experience that's both powerful and refined, not to forget the powersteering she offers, that work's very well.


The overall body maintains very good condition, devoid of any rust, making it a rare find in the world of classic cars.


Whether you're an avid angler seeking the perfect fishing companion or a family ready to embark on unforgettable vacations, the 1975 Chrysler Safari Regal is your gateway to adventure.


Secure in the knowledge that she's licensed and registered, this vintage charmer is not just a car; it's a promise of enduring journeys and cherished memories.


110k on the clock that is unfortunately not backed by service history but of you look at the pedal and steering wear you just know 😎


Located in sunny pretoria South Africa 🇿🇦


Contact Stef

+2782 499 3433


e-mail :


We do evaluations for late estate and insurances.

With branches both local and international, we offer the one stop service for buying and selling abroad.


Our services include but not limited to


* Sourcing cars

* Inspections

* Buying on behalf of client

* Selling for clients both local and international

* Evaluations

* Shipping


Need a car inspected in South Africa, we will do it for you.

Need to Ship a car you bought, we can do that too.

The full service is quick and easy.


Contact us at


Next time that you are thinking of buying or selling a Classic Car/truck/bike or just some cool enamel signs or memorabilia, think Vintage Motors.

1975 Valiant Safari by Chrysler

R115 000,00Price
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