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Vintage Motors Presents 1973 Volkswagen Beetle

R 120 000 🇿🇦

£ 5200 🇬🇧

€ 6100 🇪🇺

NZD 10 800 🇳🇿

AUD 9900 🇦🇺

SDG 8900 🇸🇬

USD 6600 🇺🇸

[Please Note: Prices were calculated based on the current exchange rate at that time, but are subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rates]

Up for sale we have this cool little bug🔥

Custom built a few years ago she's still going strong, having no problem doing long trips with her 1600 Motor and a cool marine sound system which makes it water resistant.

The wooden panels have been painted with a clear coat, to ensure longevity.

The entire floor pan has been replaced and was rubberised.

The suspension has been completely redone, to give you peace of mind on the open road!

The back wheels have been widened to give her that aggressive stance, and front fenders shortened to give her a "rod look".

Starts seamlessly and sounds beautiful!

Paperwork in order and license up to date.

Located in Pretoria South Africa 🇿🇦

For more info, or to arrange a viewing:

Contact us @


+27 66 224 0349

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Vintage Motors Group

+27 66 236 1004

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We do evaluations for late estate and insurance.

With branches both local and international, we offer the one stop service for buying and selling abroad.

Our services include but are not limited to:

* Sourcing cars

* Inspections

* Buying on behalf of the client

* Selling for clients both local and international

* Evaluations

* Shipping

Need a car inspected in South Africa, we will do it for you!

Need to Ship a car you bought, we can do that too.

The full service is quick and easy.

Contact us at

Next time that you are thinking of buying or selling a Classic Car/truck/bike or just some cool enamel signs or memorabilia, think Vintage Motors.

1973 Volkswagen Beetle

R120 000,00Price
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