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Vintage Motors Presents the 1971 Ford Fairlane 500


R 235 000 🇿🇦

£ 10 400 🇬🇧

€ 12 300 🇪🇺

NZD 21 400 🇳🇿

AUD 19 700 🇦🇺

SGD 17 800 🇸🇬

USD 13 100 🇺🇸

[Please Note: Prices were calculated based on the current exchange rate at that time, but are subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rates]


Up for sale we have the crowd captivating Ford Fairlane.


When speaking to people who have owned these, you hear the same thing over and over - it’s like driving in a sofa that looks like a muscle car. These cars are renowned for their ease to drive and the fact that they look good doing it. This Fairlane 500 was originally golden brown and was wrapped in black about 4 years ago. She starts up on the quarter turn with her 351 v8 and her automatic transmission engages smoothly and shifts gears beautifully. Her engine bay presents neat and original. Her interior is super comfy and also seems to be original.


This car dubs slick and captivated everyone while she was doing her photoshoot. She sits really well on these aftermarket narrow and wide rims which gives her a complete different feel. Her body lines and panels all line up straight. She does have a few minor spots of bubbling but nothing you won’t expect from a car thats over 5 decades old. She has been maintained and serviced regularly and garage kept.


Located in Durban North, KZN


For more info, or to arrange a viewing:

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+27 66 224 0349

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Vintage Motors Group

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We do evaluations for late estate and insurance.

With branches both local and international, we offer the one stop service for buying and selling abroad.


Our services include but are not limited to:

• Sourcing cars

• Inspections

• Buying on behalf of the client

• Selling for clients both local and international

• Evaluations

• Shipping


Need a car inspected in South Africa, we will do it for you!

Need to Ship a car you bought, we can do that too.

The full service is quick and easy.


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Next time that you are thinking of buying or selling a Classic Car/truck/bike or just some cool enamel signs or memorabilia, think Vintage Motors.

1971 Ford Fairlane 500

R235 000,00Price
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