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Vintage Motors is proud to present the absolutely phenomenal 1968 Buick Riviera Grand Sport hardtop coupe 430.

R350 000.00

USD 18 700

AuD 24 350

£ 14 700

QR 67 900S

GP 25 100


This Riviera had a larger and more unique presence to her, the lines seemed to stress both performance and elegance all at once. While the well-fitting panels show off the razor's edge creases in the sheet metal and the chrome bumpers fit so well into the overall design. 
The Gran Sport name has been used on several high-performance cars built by General Motors for its Buick brand since 1965. In the GM brands hierarchy, Buick was surpassed in luxury and comfort appointments only by Cadillac, which did not produce performance models. As a result, the Buick GS series was the most opulently equipped GM sports model of their era.
She is all about being a personal luxury muscle car so while there's plenty of room for the passengers to enjoy, the driver gets even more space suitable for a king. The interior is still in very good condition with plush bucket seats that you can automatically adjust into your comfort position. If you slip behind the wheel, you'll get a perfect view of all the features that it came standard with, this includes power steering and electric windows. I would say Buick is the answer to the Pontiac GTO.

The motor inhales deeply from a four-barrel carburetor, and it exhales with a sweet sound out of the dual exhaust. Easy selecting gears with the automatic shifter, married to the original 430 V8 motor that gives you overall smooth cruising on the road with a kick to it.
Her body presents well with the silver Beige mist and a beige vinyl top. 

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1968 Buick Riviera GS

R350 000,00Price
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