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Hey, Unfortunately, I have been sold, if you are looking for a classic car or want to sell one please contact Stef at +27 82 499 3433


Vintage Motors South Africa presents the 1965 Ford F100 V8 Turbo Manual


One of the Cool things about classic cars is the fact that we get to add “our” own spin on them, from beetles to Bentley’s, the classic car culture is more than a vibe it’s a life style.


This Ford has had a pretty cool start to being one of the Cool ones, from being dropped with more modern mechanicals and drive train.


She is dropped to the point where we should a sticker that says low and loud😂


She is not done yet, you can still add you spin to it, the Loadbin has airbags to lift in just incase you feel like changing a wheel.


Disc brakes in front and a turbo charged 4.0L V8 is enough to get you going and stopping at a moment’s notice, paired with a 5 speed bmw gearbox to place you not only first in the race to get the coolest 65 ford pickup but also in control.


She has had a recent mat clear coat to preserve the look of a sleeper, and a quick once over.


She is located in the Sunny Pretoria Gezina.

She can be delivered anywhere in South Africa, or shipped out world wide.


Contact Stef



We do evaluations for late estate and insurances.


With branches both local and international, we offer the one stop service for buying and selling abroad.


Our services include but not limited to


* Sourcing cars

* Inspections

* Buying on behalf of client

*Selling for clients both local and international

* Evaluations

* Shipping


Need a car inspected in South Africa, we will do it for you.

Need to Ship a car you bought, we can do that too.

The full service is quick and easy.


Contact us at


Next time that you are thinking of buying or selling a Classic Car/truck/bike or just some cool enamel signs or memorabilia, think Vintage Motors.

1965 Ford F100 V8

R225 000,00Price
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