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1957 Messerschitt KR200 Kabinenroller 

The title Kabinenroller means "Scooter with cabin"

These little cars helped pace the road for recovery in post-war Germany.

Some of the most fearsome combat fighters in the air were produced by Messerschmitt. However after the war, this industrious company turned to other products, In 1952, aviation engineer Fritz Fend approached Messerschmitt with plans for an economical little cycle-car. Fend had designed a smaller example for invalids but found many of his customers were able-bodied and just wanted cheap transportation.

KR175 went into production for 1953 and in 1955, a new improved model was released. Lightweight, yet sturdy, able to seat two comfortably, thousands of these Kabinenrollers or “enclosed scooter” were sold in Germany as well as to overseas markets.

About this one, she is one of the earlier examples of the KR200 Kabinenroller. It has been treated to a full restoration starting with a sound and complete body, she was restored over a period of 3 years with lots of parts being imported from the UK. The Plexiglass canopy is unfortunately not new, and still the original one from 1957 not in the best of condition but with some creative thinking still useable ,

The engine was given a makeover and found to be in lightly used condition. Finished as close as possible to the cars original colour  Sonnelgelb with Red vinyl tandem seats. The engine comes to life rather easily and once the trick to shifting gears has been mastered, it runs down the road with no issues. All the lights are in working condition and even the horn. One of a couple left in usable condition, these little Messerschmitts are a tribute to German engineering and manufacturing skills.

Although the company was best known for their World War II fighter planes, Messerschmitt produced a car for nearly 10 years in the 1950s and 1960s.

According to the manufacturer, the Messerschmitt KR200 could reach speeds of 65 mph, and fuel economy estimates ranged from 60-100 mpg. In 1955, the KR200 set several world records for low-displacement cars, including a 24-hour average speed record (64 mph) and several others

In 1957, 300 examples of a limited edition KR201 roadster were built, and today they command a premium value.

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1957 Messerschmitt KR200 Kabinenroller

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