1950's Dkw Snellaster Very few made it to South African shores and even fewer survive today, with some exceptional examples fetching at auctions R1mil +This is a right hand drive. Right mounted single windshield wiper arm, which was a South African spec Export, Snellaster which means it features Pivot versus fixed vent windows in the doors, sealed beam headlamps versus reflector, semaphores.She hasthe optional fold down walk-through passenger seat for access to the rear.The 3 cylinder 2 stroke engine with a performance rating of 36 horsepower was right in line with the competition over at VWbut the design was radically different. Water cooled, high revving 2 stroke design, ignition coils for each cylinder...it is a very interesting machineand the exhaust note is something very unique in the world of motoring.Front wheel drive and front engine makes for a low floor in back, perfect for tall items.This was one of the major selling points over the VW, with a 13" high loading deck and no engine out back to get in the way.The DKW was a bit more exlusive than the VW as well, being sold at Mercedes dealerships back in the day with a price tagroughly $1300 more than the equivalent VW! (keep in mind the VW was just $2300 at the time...so that is a BIG difference!)Production numbers were small and each one assembled by hand.Build quality was very high!Notice the headlights, similar in design to VW and Porsche at first glance, but the actual lights are freestanding behind the hood and just shine through these buckets. Note the 4 ring logo on the base of the glass as well as the Auto Untion nose emblem.Proper DKW hubcaps.896 CC, 36 SAE horsepower (at 4,000 rpm) cast iron block, aluminum head engine using a valveless design. She is an older restoration, with minor rust visible on her sills.Every thing works. This vehicle drives great and comes registered and licenced.She has a spare motor that will be included in the sale.This example is located in PretoriaFor any information contact us today +27783902679Stef@vintagemotors.co.za

1950's Dkw Snellaster

R165 000,00Price