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Vintage Motors Presents the 1947 Jeep CJ2 Willy’s Jeep


R 165 000 🇿🇦
£ 6 900 🇬🇧
€ 8 050 🇪🇺
SD 11 700 🇸🇬
AUD 13 350 🇦🇺
USD 8 700 🇺🇸


Up for sale is a very original jeep with original flathead motor, well restored over a couple of years. She unfortunately has not been registered.

She is running her original Gearbox and diffs.

Paint is very well done, seats covered in canvas material allowing for mud and water splashes to clean and dry easy.

She runs well.


Located in sunnyVanderbijlpark South Africa 🇿🇦 


For Inquiry's or to arrange a viewing -

Contact us @
+27 66 224 0349

Vintage Motors Group
+27 66 236 1004

We do evaluations for late estate and insurances. 
With branches both local and international, we offer the one stop service for buying and selling abroad.

Our services include but not limited to

* Sourcing cars
* Inspections 
* Buying on behalf of client 
* Selling for clients both local and international
* Evaluations
* Shipping

Need a car inspected in South Africa, we will do it for you. 
Need to Ship a car you bought, we can do that too. 
The full service is quick and easy. 

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Next time that you are thinking of buying or selling a Classic Car/truck/bike or just some cool enamel signs or memorabilia, think Vintage Motors.

1947 Jeep CJ2 Willy’s Jeep

R165 000,00Price
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