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Vintage Motors presents the 1940 Packard Touring Sedan.

R365 000

Being a 83 year old newly renovated 120 she still carries the Packard name proudly. With driving in elegance this interior gives you much needed headroom and legroom in the front and backseats with a beautiful wooden dashboard that takes you back to the good old days. The large round speedometer is flanked by a full complement of easy-to-read gauges complimented by an even larger working clock on the glove compartment door and this 120’s steering is so effortless and well balanced it’s easy to operate.

She would never fail to attract admiring attention from all who view it. This 120 has a straight 6 engine with a three-speed column shift that shifts smoothly into gear.

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1940 Packard Touring Sedan

R365 000,00Price
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