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Vintage Motors presents the 1938 Chevrolet Sedan

🇿🇦 R100 000.00

🇬🇧 £4400

🇦🇺 Au$8400

🇸🇬 SG$7400

🇺🇸 $5600


Step back in time with the elegance of the 1938 Chevrolet Sedan—a true classic that embodies the timeless style of an era gone by. This sedan, equipped with its trusty 6-cylinder motor, offers a nostalgic driving experience with a touch of vintage charm.

The exterior exudes the classic design of the late '30s, capturing the essence of Chevrolet's craftsmanship. Meticulously maintained, this sedan stands as a testament to the enduring quality of vintage automobiles.

Under the hood, the reliable 6-cylinder motor ensures a smooth and steady ride, delivering the performance that has made Chevrolet a symbol of dependability. The sedan retains its originality, offering a genuine experience of driving a piece of automotive history.

This 1938 Chevrolet Sedan is now available a price of R100 000.00. Located in Pretoria, this classic beauty is ready to become the centerpiece of your collection.

As part of the Vintage Motors collection, this sedan is licensed and registered, making it a hassle-free addition to your classic car lineup.

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Vintage Motors offers a comprehensive range of services for classic vehicles, including sourcing, inspections, buying and selling on behalf of clients, evaluations, and shipping. Visit our website for more information:


Bring home the 1938 Chevrolet Sedan and experience the elegance of a bygone era with Vintage Motors.

1938 Chevrolet Sedan

R100 000,00Price
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