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1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II Chassis Number 50SK

Engine Number HG85

This magnificent Pre War automobile first left the factory in 1934 to embark on a journey that saw her tour Europe, travel across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America, only to make the trip back “home” and then finally travelling down to majestic South Africa where she has firmly planted her roots in the Cape.

Her first stop was on the 21st July 1934 when she was delivered to J.S. Woolley of Nottingham to have her very first body fitted. - “J.S Woolley - A small quality maker with its origins in Starey’s Ltd.

founded in 1786, who joined up with John Woolley in 1910 and operated as a car dealer, repairer, and coachbuilder. Little is known about their other coachbuilding activities but they did build eleven bodies for Rolls-Royce chassis mainly for local customers with the first on a 20hp (60H2) in 1923, four on the 20/25 chassis (GSR58, GGA66, GRC32, and GLG20) and two each on the Phantom II (52MY and 50SK) and Phantom III (3AX15 and 3AX37). Three of the eleven were for the Baronet Sir Julien Cahn who, until their sale to Great Universal Stores in 1943 owned in excess of 300 furnishing stores”.

Sir Julien E. Cahn Bt. of Loughborough loved and owned her until the year 1968 at which point she was rebodied by Vert of Gerona as a Boat Tail tourer with Skiff wings, pontoon running boards and dual windscreens.

Records show that sometime during 1967 and 1974 she had again received a new look and was bodied by Robinson or F.L. M. Panelcraft.

During the years of 1974 to 1980 she called Germany home before being shipped to Florida USA and kept from 1985-1989, at which point she made the trip back to the United Kingdom and was re- registered on 1st July 1989 possibly by Grahame Albert Bull of Camberley.

In 2004/2005 she made an appearance and was offered up for sale by The Real Car Co. painted grey and black with grey and red interior. After lengthily negotiations she was finally acquired by a Collector in Cape Town, South Africa.

Before being shipped to her new home, she was rebodied for the final time by world renowned coachbuilder David A.C. Royle & Co Ltd with a replica Mercedes 540K style body. (The Coachworks she displays today)

Subsequently this project was documented and published in his book “Royle –From Vintage to Classic to Amphibian” which contains over 900 vehicles either restored or rebodied, culminating in 35 years of his life’s work.

2021 marks the first time ever that this automobile will be offered for sale in South Africa and the chance to own a piece of incredible history.


1934 Rolls Royce

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