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Vintage Motors Presents the 1933 Graham Paige Standard 6 Series 65


R 350 000 🇿🇦
$ 18 300 🇺🇸
£ 14 700 🇬🇧
€ 17 100 🇪🇺
SD 24 885 🇸🇬
AUD 28 200 🇦🇺


[Please Note: Prices were calculated based on the current exchange rate at that time, but are subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rates]


If the 1930 model is not for you, we have the 1933 model as well. 

With Graham Paige producing quality vehicles for the more discerned market, this vehicle is sure to sit well with some of the rarest and most special cars ever built. With being known for great body styling and great luxury, this vehicle comes with a luggage storage compartment, and twin spare wheel side-mounts. The blue streak 6 cylinder is known to be ultra silent and free from any vibration at 128km/h.

This vehicle overall presets in great condition, with her stylish wire spoke wheels. With her interior being redone a couple of years ago and still in breathtaking condition. She has a sophisticated dash-outlay that is still simple yet super elegant.

Located in Brackenfell South Africa
Viewing by appointment only.

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1933 Graham Paige Standard 6 Series 65

R350 000,00Price
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