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Vintage Motors Presents the 1978 Jaguar XJS!

R 295 000 🇿🇦
£ 12 700 🇬🇧
€ 15 000 🇪🇺
NZD 26 300 🇳🇿
AUD 24 000 🇦🇺
SGD 21 700 🇸🇬
USD 16 000 🇺🇸
[Please Note: Prices were calculated based on the current exchange rate at that time, but are subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rates]

Up for sale we have the Return of The Saint. If you know anything about The Saint, then you can only guess what’s under the hood of this captivating and controversial hallmark Jaguar XJS. This XJS started her life as a luxury grand tourer with the Jag v12 but was upgraded due to the classic unreliability these motors were renowned for.

In the late 1990’s, a gent from the Transvaal had the incredible idea of replacing the v12 with a slightly modified Chevy 350 small block v8 engine. Now, we know what you are thinking - she is not original but with this upgraded Chevy 350, you eliminate the unreliability with proven reliability that this v8 has to offer. When you pop the hood, you are greeted by one of the nicest engine bays you have seen in a long time. She treats your eyes to a festival of chrome. She has got an upgraded Edelbrock intake with an Edelbrock carburetor, camshaft and lifters, thus improving her torque for excellent throttle response and a whopping 325 horsepower. This motor is perfectly paired with a Chevy Turbo 700 4 speed overdrive gearbox. She is also fitted with a full aluminium radiator.

Her interior has been redone with dark carpeting and cream and red seats to complement her red exterior. Her rear church window was proven to aid the stability and structural integrity. With her broad low hood and oval headlights, she was set up to cheat more wind than any E-Type. She also has a Jaguar sunroof as an extra. She currently sits at just over 14 000km on the clock which we are assuming is the correct mileage since the restoration. Her paintwork presents well. Her sills line up nicely and her boot is straight. She is also fitted with a brand new 75L fuel tank. This stunning lady in red sits on her original rims which have also become quite sought after in their own capacity. She is located in Rivonia, Johannesburg

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1978 Jaguar XJS

R295 000,00Price
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